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andromeda100's Journal

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Following in the footsteps of communities like hp100 and luna100.
This is a drabbling community for Andromeda Black-Tonks, from the Harry Potter series.

Rules and Regulations
•Each drabble should be 100 words; must be about Andromeda or her family.
•Every week (Sunday) a new challenge will be posted. Post only to that topic, not previous ones, unless that is apart of the challenge.
•There is no age restriction. If you don't like what your reading, then don't read it.
•Graphic anything isn't exactly wanted here. We don't want to here about how Nymphadora was made. Kay?
•Crossovers are not allowed.
•All drabbles past the first should be placed under an LJ cut. Please put the following before the cut: title, pairing (if any), rating, and any notes. Please put all questionable content behind LJ cut with a warning.
•You may post up to Seven drabbles per week.
•Please attempt to keep all offtopic posts outta here, Kay?
•Lurking is perfectly fine and fairgame!

All HP characters and concepts belong solely to JK Rowling and Warner Bros. This community and all participants intend no copyright infringement; the community is made solely for non-profit entertainment.

Current Mods: a_weakness & pinchofthyme

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Mother of Nymphadora, married Ted Tonks, a Muggle-born wizard. Sirius told Harry that Andromeda had been "blasted" off the Black family tapestry (OP6). Nymphadora was born in 1973 so Andromeda probably started Hogwarts in the early to mid-1960s, making her older than her cousin Sirius. Andromeda was Sirius' favorite cousin.
- Hplexicon