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damianarose in andromeda100

Title: A Word Poem
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Prompt: for the Water challenge at andromeda100

“Meda what are you doing?” Bella asked.

“I’m writing a poem for mom,” Meda smiled.

“Why? You know she throws them away, she’s says we should try and stomp out your creative side,” Bella frowned.

“You wanna read it?” Meda asked, smiling.

“W is for they way our family grows;
A is for all the servants we’ve had;
T is for the terrible things we say;
E is for everyone we scorn;
And R is for the royal way we are born.”

Bella frowned, “why the word water Meda?”

“Because it’s a damaging force that swallows you hole.” Andromeda smiled.