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damianarose in andromeda100

Purple and Pink

Title: Peorple Please!
Word Count: 100
Pairings: Meda/Ted
Rating: G
other: Prompt When they found out about Tonks for andromeda100

“Ummm. Meda I think you should come here!” Ted called from the nursery.

“What’s wrong?” Andromeda was at his side in an instant.

They stood and looked at their two year old daughter.

Nymphadora giggled, “Pink mama! Pink!”

Andromeda’s had went to her throat, her daughter’s hair was pink!

“That’s not all,” Ted warned, “purple please.”

“Peorple! Peorple!” The baby exclaimed.

“Purple…” Meda trailed off watching as her daughter’s hair went a deep lavender,

“Well, at least we won’t have to worry about gawky teenage years!” Ted laughed, wrapping his wife in his arms as she laughed until she cried.


Oh, that is way too cute!