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damianarose in andromeda100


Title: I'm Not That Girl
Pairings: Non
Rating: PG

“No Sirius I won’t get involved,” Andromeda shut the door behind her cousin.

“Meda you have to choose a side!” Sirius exclaimed.

“No I don’t. I have a life now, a husband and a baby! I can’t risk them like that!” Andromeda’s lips thinned in anger.

“It’s because of them isn’t it,” Sirius turned.

“I wont fight against my family Sirius,” her eyes were hard, she’d made her choice.

“Please re consider,” Sirius begged going to the door.

“No,” Andromeda shut the door after him and picked up her daughter, she wasn’t that reckless girl anymore, he should respect that.