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damianarose in andromeda100

How We met

Title: How We Met
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ted/Meda
Word Count: 100
Prompt: How Meda and Ted Met
Warning: This might not be what was looked for but it's pretty.

Nymphadora loved hearing the story of how her parents met.

They each told the tale differently.

“He worshipped me. Followed me like a puppy.”

“She was a wild woman, throwing herself at me.”

“Ted begged me to go to the Halloween Ball our sixth year, I said no.”

“Andromeda kidnapped me, we ran off to Muggle London instead.”

“I was too mature for dances and school functions.”

“She was embarrassed to be seen with a muggleborn.”

“I loved him from the day we met.”
“I loved her from the day I saw her.”

Andromeda loved telling Nymphadora how they met.